Type 1 diabetes affects millions of people worldwide, and has seen a profound increase in the past several decades. Understanding how insulin-producing β cells in the pancreas are destroyed by the body’s immune system is essential for identifying a cure. Our latest book, Type 1 Diabetes, offers a current review of the disease, focusing on key causative and therapeutic areas that drive research in the field.

In 18 chapters, contributors discuss genetic risk factors, environmental triggers, and our current understanding of the autoimmune response underlying the condition.  Treatment strategies, such as immunosuppressive drugs, pancreas and islet transplantation, and the use of stem cells, are described, as are diagnostic markers and tools.

Type 1 Diabetes was edited by Jeffrey Bluestone, Mark Atkinson, and Peter Arvan. “With this effort, we hope to provide a coherent and concise review of the state of the field and, with it, a path forward for researchers,” they write. The book will be useful for immunologists, physiologists, cell and developmental biologists, and geneticists, as well as medical scientists and physicians who are interested in the pathology and treatment of this difficult disease. For more details on the book, click here.