DNA ReplicationDNA replication is a fundamental biological process that occurs in all living organisms. Ensuring that it occurs with high fidelity exactly once each time a cell divides is a complex task. Our latest book, DNA Replication, covers all aspects of the replication mechanism and its control. The book was edited by Stephen Bell, Marcel Méchali, and Melvin DePamphilis.

The contributors examine the molecular machinery involved in the assembly of replication origin complexes, the establishment of replication forks, unzipping of the double helix, priming of DNA synthesis, and elongation of daughter strands. Chromatin organization and dynamics, lagging-strand maturation, telomere replication, and mechanisms to handle errors and damage in DNA are also discussed.

“This is a truly exciting field in which to work—the rate of progress of the development of techniques and concepts is remarkable,” write the editors. “As will be apparent from the contents of the book, the full complement of state-of-the-art techniques have been exploited with remarkable effect to tease apart these intricate processes.”

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