Introduction to Protein-DNA InteractionsThe manipulation of DNA by proteins is central to the life of a cell. It is critical for processes ranging from replication and recombination to transcription and the repair of DNA damage. Introduction to Protein-DNA Interactions, written by Gary Stormo, provides an up-to-date and interdisciplinary perspective on protein-DNA interactions, with an emphasis on DNA-binding proteins that control gene expression.

“The regulation of gene expression has fascinated me since my graduate school days,” writes Stormo. “The majority of my efforts have been focused on understanding how networks of transcription factors regulate gene expression and control cell fates and phenotypes. The primary goal of this volume is to provide an introduction to protein-DNA interactions from multiple perspectives.”

Three general types of approaches have been used to study protein-DNA interactions: structural, thermodynamic, and bioinformatic. Stromo describes what we know about protein-DNA interactions from each of these perspectives, and emphasizes how insights from experimental work can be translated into specific computational approaches to create a unified view of the field.

Because of the book’s cross-disciplinary approach, experts working in all fields are certain to learn something new. For more information on the book, click here.