Imaging in Neuroscience, the manual from our imaging series that focuses on methods for studying neurons and their circuits, is given a positive review in the current issue of The Quarterly Review of Biology.

 “The most important feature of the manual is the protocol[s] provided,” write Lynne Oland and Patty Jansma. “These are clearly written with the intent of providing the gory detail needed to actually use the protocols successfully, and most chapters include troubleshooting hints, which are most helpful.”

 Oland and Jansma feel that the protocols on glial cells and brain pathology “will make the manual especially useful.” Some of these protocols are available online from Cold Spring Harbor Protocols: For example, check out how to visualize microglia in the mouse cortex, label astrocytes with sulforhodamine 101, and study neural networks in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease. For more information on the manual, click here.