RNA Worlds: From Life's Origins to Diversity in Gene Regulation RNA Worlds is given a positive review by Eugene Koonin in the latest issue of The Quarterly Review of Biology. This “striking volume” is essentially the fourth edition of The RNA World, which is, according to Koonin, “one of the most influential books in biology over the last few decades.”

The first edition of The RNA World was published in 1993; subsequent editions were published in 1999 and 2006, respectively. All discussed the current state of RNA research at the time, and the first two editions, in particular, focused mainly on the domination of RNA during the pre–biotic era. The title of the latest book, RNA Worlds, is “appropriate, significant, and overdue,” says Koonin, because “it has become clear that in many ways we still live in an RNA world.”

Edited by John Atkins, Ray Gesteland, and Tom Cech, RNA Worlds will be a fascinating read for all molecular biologists and biochemists.  For more information on the book, click here.