The worldwide AIDS epidemic makes research on HIV, the disease processes it induces, and potential HIV therapies among the most critical in biomedical science. Our new book HIV: From Biology to Prevention and Treatment reviews the current state of HIV research.

“There was once a time when a scholar could expect to read all the literature in their field, but for HIV this task is now impossible” write the editors, Frederic Bushman, Gary Nabel, and Ronald Swanstrom. “In 2010, fully 13,188 papers were published on HIV. Given this scale, it is evident that comprehensive reviews of HIV research areas are critical for understanding AIDS.”

HIV: From Biology to Prevention and Treatment contains 29 chapters, in which expert contributors explore the origins and evolution of HIV, the HIV replication cycle, host-virus interactions, host immune responses, and HIV transmission.  Vaccines, cell and gene therapies, antiretroviral drugs, microbicides, and behavioral strategies for the treatment and prevention of HIV are also explored.  For more details on the book, click here.