Calcium signaling plays a critical role in diverse processes such as development, muscle function, and neurobiology. CSHL Press recently released Calcium Signaling, a new book that reviews the biology of calcium signaling—from the channels, pumps, buffers, sensors, and receptors that transport and modulate calcium signals to the physiological processes that are regulated.

“This volume provides a detailed expert snapshot of the calcium signaling field as it stands right now and gives some insight into the history of the discoveries,” write the editors, Martin Bootman, Michael Berridge, James Putney, and Llewelyn Roderick.  “Reading through the chapters provides insight into both the generic nature of calcium signaling and also its unique tissue- and function-specific characteristics.”

Calcium Signaling is an indispensable reference for biochemists, cell and developmental biologists, and physiologists seeking a comprehensive treatment of calcium biology. For more information on the book, click here.