“Charles Daniel referred to the end bud of the mammary gland as an ‘experimental organism.’ Others have called it the ‘Drosophila eye’ of mammalian functional genomics. Indeed we would argue that the mammary gland itself can be thought of as an experimental organism,” write Mina Bissell, Kornelia Polyak, and Jeffrey Rosen in our latest book, The Mammary Gland as an Experimental Model.

The mammary gland is an excellent model system for research into developmental mechanisms, gene regulation, tissue organization, hormonal action, secretion, and stem cell biology. Studies of this organ are also critically important due to the prevalence of breast cancer in the population. The Mammary Gland as an Experimental Model reviews our understanding of mammary gland development, physiology, and tumor formation, emphasizing the value of the organ as a model system.

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