The Biology of Lipids: Trafficking, Regulation, and FunctionSince the pioneering work of Gorter and Grendel (1925), it has been well-known that a lipid bilayer forms the core of a cell’s membrane. But for many decades, the focus of membrane research was on proteins.

Our latest book, The Biology of Lipids (edited by Kai Simons), gives lipids their due.  Contributors explore the synthesis, metabolism, and distribution of lipid species in the cell; the composition of lipid rafts and their roles in protein trafficking and signaling; and the biophysical behavior of lipids and membranes.  They also discuss models and techniques to study lipid dynamics and to characterize cellular lipidomes.

“The protein-only focus will soon be gone,” writes Simons. “Membrane researchers are now starting to include lipids in their repertoire.  [W]e have to study both the lipids and the proteins together to come to grips with this fascinating fluid.”