“Directly seeing the nervous system in action—be it a vesicle releasing transmitter, a neuron integrating synaptic input in its dendrites, or a neuronal population generating patterns of activity—is always a fascinating experience and provides us with a sense of immediate and credible understanding.” –Fritjof Helmchen and Arthur Konnerth (Imaging in Neuroscience: A Laboratory Manual)

Imaging in Neuroscience: A Laboratory ManualThe latest addition to our fleet of imaging manuals provides neuroscience researchers with a comprehensive set of methods for imaging cells, synapses, neuromolecules, circuits, and brain function in health and disease.  Imaging in Neuroscience covers basic techniques, such as maintaining live cells and tissue slices during imaging, as well as cutting-edge techniques, such as optogenetics, uncaging, calcium imaging, and imaging neuronal activity.

Edited by Fritjof Helmchen (University of Zurich) and Arthur Konnerth (Technical University, Munich), Imaging in Neuroscience includes 92 chapters with step-by-step protocols and background information for visualizing neural dynamics.  The book also features a set of appendices with a glossary of imaging terms and other useful information on spectra, lenses, filters, and safe handling of imaging equipment.