“While I have accepted that I am beyond cure in the current primitive state of cancer therapeutics, I have never lost my faith in basic research’s benefits for future cancer patients.” –Charles E. Harris

Incurable: A Life After DiagnosisCharles Harris was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in March 2009, shortly after retiring as chairman and CEO of the company he founded, Harris & Harris Group.  Nineteen months later, he passed away.

In the intervening period, Harris maintained a blog to keep family and friends informed of his progress.  From his blog was born our latest book, Incurable: A Life after Diagnosis.

In Incurable, Harris describes not only his tests and treatments, but also the thoughts that entered his mind as his time on earth was nearing its end.  He writes about living and dying, friendship and fellowship, sports and wine, race horses and recessions.

Harris’s account is an inspirational and eloquent reminder that an understanding of cancer remains an urgent goal in biomedicine.  Proceeds from the book will be used by the Harris family in support of cancer research.