RNA experimentToday’s molecular biologist must be proficient in working with RNA, but experiments with this fragile nucleic acid can be daunting and frustrating.  To help, Don Rio, Manny Ares, Greg Hannon, and Tim Nilsen, all leading authorities in RNA research, have assembled their expertise in a new lab reference – RNA: A Laboratory Manual.

The manual presents a broad range of current techniques used in RNA research, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated.  It contains detailed step-by-step protocols and extensive tips and troubleshooting information, as well as background information and strategies for approaching any RNA investigation.

RNA: A Laboratory Manual is divided into eight chapters: The first three cover fundamental approaches for purifying, handling, detecting, and characterizing RNA from a variety of sources. The next three describe more specific methods for identifying RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions and analyzing RNA processing mechanisms. The last two chapters cover up-to-date RNA interference methodologies and approaches for genome-wide studies.

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