If you’ve visited Cold Spring Harbor Protocols in the last 12 hours or so, you may have noticed that things look a little different. Welcome to Phase 1 of our re-design.

CSH Protocols was originally designed as a database, but over time, our readers and authors made it clear to us that their needs would be better served if it became more journal-like. For an author, publishing a peer-reviewed, PubMed indexed paper offers better rewards than contributing to a database. For readers who are used to digging information out of the published literature, a journal offers better findability. And so, we’ve redesigned the site to bring it into line with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press’ other journal offerings.

The site still offers the same functionality, but now the navigation is greatly improved. The new design also allows us to start experimenting with widgets, adding further functionality. The next step will be migrating to our host, Highwire Press’ new H2O platform, which will allow for even further functionality to be built in (coming in the near future).

So take a look around, maybe you’ll find some things you haven’t found before. And stay tuned for future developments.