4-dimensional live cell imaging has gone from being a rare technique used only by cutting-edge laboratories to a mainstream method in use everywhere. While more and more labs are becoming comfortable with the equipment and protocols needed to collect imaging data, performing detailed analyses is often problematic. The application of computational image processing is still far from routine. Researchers need to determine which measurements are necessary and sufficient to characterize a system and they need to find the appropriate tools to extract these data. In Computational Image Analysis of Cellular Dynamics: A Case Study Based on Particle Tracking, Gaudenz Danuser and Khuloud Jaqaman introduce the basic concepts that make the application of computational image processing to live cell imaging data successful. As one of the featured articles in December’s issue of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, it is freely accessible for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

The article is adapted from the new edition of Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual, now available from CSHL Press.