The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has informed us that Cold Spring Harbor Protocols has been selected to be indexed and included in MEDLINE, and that our articles will now be included and searchable using PubMed. We’re very pleased to share this announcement as it should make it easier for readers to find the high quality protocols our authors have contributed since the journal’s inception. I’m not sure how long the indexing process takes, but look for us to start turning up in your search results in the near future.

Inclusion in PubMed is another great reason to publish your methods papers with us. As a reminder to all, CSH Protocols is a peer-reviewed journal with no page charges, and we offer authors a royalty based on the usage of their articles. A high level of editorial support is available for authors and we’re happy to work with you to turn your innovative laboratory procedures into a useful community resource. Instructions for authors can be found here.