Some recent articles discussing computer software designed for use by biologists (I can’t personally vouch for any of these programs, but thought they might be of interest to readers of CSH Protocols):

Even Better Free Molecular Biology Software: Serial Cloner–the always valuable Bitesize Bio website has a review of Serial Cloner, a cross platform program for molecular biologists:

“It is very intuitive and is packed with features; from basics like constructing importing sequences, constructing plasmid maps and restriction mapping, through more complex things like sequence alignment, Gateway cloning and siRNA design.”

One of the commenters on the article also suggests PlasmaDNA.

iPhone apps every biologist needs: article from The Scientist, detailing 10 apps of interest. While many look useful, I’m not sure how many of them have added appeal on a mobile device (as opposed to use on a laptop or desktop computer). How often do you need to consult the periodic table while you’re on-the-go?

Also, I may be a luddite, but in my lab days, you wouldn’t even take a lab manual to the bench, you’d photocopy the protocol you were going to use because you didn’t want the expensive manual exposed to harsh chemicals and other contaminants. Are people really using expensive and fragile items like the iPhone at the lab bench? Do you set your iPhone down next to the phenol, just behind the HCl? Can you use it while wearing gloves? Wouldn’t you worry about all the E. coli contaminating your gloves from the plasmid preps you’re doing? Do you really want to smear that all over the device you’ll be holding next to your face?

9/12/09–Edited to addHere’s another list, of 50 Useful iPhone Apps for Science Students & Teachers.