March’s issue of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols includes a set of three articles detailing common methods for DNA isolation from plants:

Quick Miniprep for Plant DNA Isolation gives a rapid method, good when processing large numbers of samples where high purity of the resulting DNA is not needed.

Dellaporta Miniprep for Plant DNA Isolation is quick and inexpensive and results in a higher quality end product. Because it yields enough DNA to test a large number of markers, it’s recommended in cases when many markers will be tested on the same samples.

Cetyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide (CTAB) DNA Miniprep for Plant DNA Isolation is useful for isolation of DNA from tissues containing high amounts of polysaccharides. The presence of polysaccharides can inhibit PCR reactions. Under high salt conditions, CTAB binds the polysaccharides and takes them out of solution.

These articles join a previously published protocol for plant DNA purification, from C. Eduardo Vallejos, An Expedient and Versatile Protocol for Extracting High-Quality DNA from Plant Leaves. This method results in DNA that has virtually no protein or phenolic contaminants, is RNA-free, contains high-molecular-weight fragments according to CHEF electrophoresis, and is fully digestible by restriction enzymes.