Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press has long been known for the creation of influential laboratory manuals like Molecular Cloning (aka “Maniatis”). CSH Protocols was created in order to move our manual publishing program into the online world. One of the interesting opportunities this creates is the ability to, in a sense, reverse engineer things. Instead of commissioning a manual, publishing it as a book and adding the protocols to the journal’s collection, we’re also interested in creating new print manuals based on the journal’s content.

New printing technologies have made it easier to produce high quality books and magazines. It’s now becoming feasible for us to re-mix and re-combine material from a variety of sources into a small, focused volume on one particular subject. Our first attempt is a collection of articles detailing methods for Immunohistochemistry, chosen because it is in such widespread use in so many fields of biological research. While not a comprehensive treatment of the topic, the collection covers the basic methods and includes specialized protocols for common laboratory organisms (yeast, plants, C. elegans, Drosophila, zebrafish, Xenopus and mouse). Our generous sponsors (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Sigma-Aldrich, AbD Serotec and R&D Systems) have enabled us to distribute this experiment to you free of charge.

For now, this mini-manual is only available the CSHL Press booth at major meetings, and in Grace Auditorium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meetings. Please come by our booth at the ASCB Meeting (Booth #311) this week and grab a copy for your lab.