The June issue of CSH Protocols is now out, and it occurred to me that many out there are probably not aware that there’s an easy system in place for receiving alerts via e-mail or RSS when new protocols are available. If you’re reading this blog via an RSS reader you can subscribe to the Table of Contents via RSS. When new articles are posted, you’ll see the abstracts in your RSS reader like you would a blog article. You can also sign up for alerts via e-mail. What’s nice about this system is that you can sign up for alerts when there’s a new Table of Contents, as well as alerts for new articles in a particular subject area, by a specific author or containing a specific keyword. You can also sign up for alerts for when an article is cited, corrected, or when a comment is left on a specific article. We won’t use your e-mail address for anything else (full privacy policy here). Hopefully these tools will help you stay connected and let you know when new useful protocols are available. Let us know if there are other features you’d like to see added.