Those familiar with the CSHL Press Manual, Drosophila Protocols (edited by Sullivan, Ashburner and Hawley) will want to be sure to check CSH Protocols’ February issue, as Bruce Paterson’s group at the National Institutes of Health has written an update of his chapter, “Targeted Disruption of Gene Function in Drosophila by RNA Interference”. The new, up-to-date version of the book chapter appears online in a series of articles, including Preparation of Double-Stranded RNA for Drosophila RNA Interference (RNAi), Collection of Drosophila Embryos for RNA Interference (RNAi), and Injection of dsRNA into Drosophila Embryos for RNA Interference (RNAi) (freely available as one of this month’s featured protocols). Paterson’s group has also contributed a new article covering Drosophila RNA Interference (RNAi) Using a Gal-4 Inducible Transgene Vector.