October’s issue of CSH Protocols is now online. I’m very happy about one of the featured freely available protocols, Preparation of Rodent Hippocampal Slice Cultures. I’ve been digging through our Neuroscience Imaging protocols for months now, and have been unable to post many of them on CSH Protocols, because they deal with slice cultures. Each seems to start with an established culture and proceeds to explain an imaging technique that can be used with it. Each referenced the Stoppini et al., paper from 1991 that doesn’t seem to be available online, other than as an abstract. Luckily for us all, Michael Dailey and his lab at the University of Iowa were willing to write up a modern update of the method. They’ve included a very useful movie showing one of the tricker parts of the technique. With this in place, you can now expect more neuro-imaging to turn up in CSH Protocols over the next few months, including this month’s protocols for Imaging Microglia in Live Brain Slices and Slice Cultures, Imaging FM Dyes in Brain Slices and Imaging Zinc in Brain Slices.