With the rapid growth of siRNA techniques in so many experimental systems, it’s important to know your options for getting those RNAs into your cells or organism of choice. This month CSH Protocols presents four different methods for delivering siRNAs and shRNAs into various organisms.

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best–David Rose of UCSD provides a method for microinjection of siRNA into cells.

John Rossi and Ming Jie Li from City of Hope have written up methods that take advantage of the properties of Lentiviral vectors, which are capable of transducing non-dividing cells and maintaining long term expression of transgenes.

Making knockdown transgenic mice with silencing lentiviral vectors is the subject of a protocol by Inder Verma, Gustavo Tiscornia and Oded Singer from the Salk Institute.

Finally, Mansoor Amiji and Dinesh Shenoy provide an overview of condensing and non-condensing polymeric systems for gene delivery, which show great therapeutic promise.